Summer, sunshine, sky is blue
What could be more beautiful?
Summer, StuTS, who has a clue
And could solve a beautiful
Quiz, which was made just for you?
So find the answer, which is true.

Here we go with the first part of our quiz! The first question is online and you can participate and collect the first points for your groups, to win one of our fabulous prizes!

Good luck to all of you! Of course, no students from Frankfurt will be allowed to participate – Qapla’ !

Pertama kali StuTS diadakan pada tahun berapa?

[Please remember to answer the question in the comment section below!]

Every Week Another Language

Of course, we all can’t wait for the next StuTS to start, but we still have to be patient. To make the time go by faster, we will fill the gap by asking you a question every week…



  • We will post a question every thursday at 7pm.
  • The question will be posed by a student of Frankfurt university in a language that can be studied here.
  • To answer, please use the comments below.
  • The quiz will also be linked at Facebook, but we won’t accept answers that are posted there.
  • Only complete, correct sentences in the same language the question has been asked in are regarded as correct answers.
  • The first one to write a correct answer gets FIVE POINTS.
  • At the next StuTS, groups will be formed again at random where you can contribute your collected points. (Please indicate your full name in the comments or send it later via e-mail to us.)
  • Students of Frankfurt are not allowed to participate.